The Quest

Manifested as an extension of the imagination, Vicious Labs is a factory of creativity and the novel brainchild of its enigmatic founder, ZOO. As such, I am staunch in my refusal to be identified as a mere provider of supplements. Rather, Vicious Labs is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of those seeking brand concept solutions and unique literary works.

When purchasing from Vicious Labs' powered brands, followers do not merely receive a supplement, but instead obtain a meticulously crafted product. The individualized attention awarded to companies utilizing ZOO's stylistic skill-set is both unrivaled and unmistakable.

Exemplifying the potential of ZOO's approach is Vicious Labs' working concept, Bloodline Industries. The experimental project incorporates tangible interpretations of engaging, story-based content into its branding structure.

Each of the sadistic supplements conjured by Bloodline Industries corresponds to key themes and items found in a continually evolving world of fiction.  The ongoing series of short stories, The Articles, grants insight into the captivating pseudo-reality from which Bloodline originates:

"In the ever-caustic world of Archaos, a militant religious order known as The New Founding has circumvented the now dissolved central governing body. It is the intent of the New Founding to purge Archaos of anyone and anything heretical in the name of Numen. Opposing their expansive reign is Bloodline, an esoteric death-cult that has become revitalized in the awakening of an ancient, demonic entity. Revered as The Blood Lord, this physical embodiment of chaos and bloodlust seeks to restore balance through odious acts of vehement horror."


While Bloodline Industries was but an experimental project, the progressive concept formed the foundation of what would become Vicious Labs' line of novel nutraceuticals. Our unique approach to athletic supplementation transcends the boundaries of real-world limitations; acting as a bridge that spans the schism of fantasy and reality. Imbue your Blood with the dark sacraments of Vicious Labs to enhance the Body and empower the Mind.