AHRT Project: Grow Into The Show (Designer PEDs)

Grow Into The Show

Grow Into The Show (GITS) is a 12 week experiment structured to research an effective nutritional and drug protocol to achieve total body recomposition. Starting weight following a one-week bridge from AHRT Project’s Introductory Phase is a fasted 226.8 lbs with acceptable “off-season” conditioning. This 12 week regiment will run into the Venice Beach Memorial Day bodybuilding show; the desired outcome is a simultaneous increase in lean body mass and a decrease in body fat to reach a contest weight of 215 lbs (Classic) come May 28, 2018. For reference, previous competition weight is noted at 204.6 lbs (Physique) on the morning of July 4, 2017 with moderate conditioning.

The contest, in of itself, is of little actual importance; it functions as a time frame in which to conduct the experiment. As opposed to the rushed 6 week crash cut endured a little less than a year ago, a more adequate, but still constrained, 12 week period is scheduled to successfully achieve the ever-difficult body recomposition. Truth be told, despite the level of consideration and effort applied in seeking out this goal, it is difficult to ascertain the feasibility of morphing into a true, competitive physique - albeit Venice Beach standards are more forgiving.

Compounding the difficulty, but doubly so the intrigue, is the unique approach in the protocol’s predominant use of designer steroids/pro-hormones, research chemicals, and supplements that can be found “over-the-counter.” The concept being that these newly developed, non-scheduled compounds can be used to the same, or even greater, effect than traditional anabolic-androgenic steroids, etc. Great appreciation is extended to the following for their respective contributions towards constructing this project: Zero Flux, Vicious Labs, Team 3CC, KP Anabolics, Premier Research Oils, and Premier Research Essentials.

Special consideration goes to Bostin Loyd for offering to oversee progress.

Review AHRT Project: Introductory Phase for detailed drug, nutrition, and supplement utilization in the preceding 8 weeks leading into GITS.


Participant Stats 
Subject: ZOO
Sex: Male 
Age: 27 
Height: 6'1" 
Start Weight: 226.8 lbs (fasted)
Start Date: March 5, 2018

Notes: Participant has a diagnosis of scoliosis and kyphosis. Specialist indicates an estimated anatomical structure of 6'4" based on spine curvature analysis.

Demonstrate the effectiveness of designer PED's and structured nutrition in achieving total body recomposition. GITS extends a 12 week period leading into Venice Beach’s Memorial Day show. Target body weight is 215 lbs with equal, or greater, conditioning than previous competition. 


Phase 1: Body Recomposition

Phase 1 encompasses the initial 8 weeks and structures efforts around lean mass accrual with modest reductions in fat loss while Weeks 7-8 is a transition into the final 4 weeks (Phase 2). Weeks 9-12 focuses on pre-contest conditioning through the preservation of lean mass with a progressive scaling in the rate of fat loss.



Test400 Blend (800mg/week): [IM] Testosterone is the only item from the list of compounds not readily available through an over-the-counter means. Strong consideration was given to replacing Testosterone with Trestolone Enanthate - recently available through research chemical suppliers - in order to preserve the concept in its entirety. However, personal experience and anecdotal feedback indicates that Trestolone, while an exceptionally potent AAS, is inadequate in fulfilling the role of Testosterone. The predominant male androgen remains unrivaled in supporting male characteristics, functions, and body mass. Source: Karlskoga Pharma/KP Anabolics.

Dienolone Enanthate (400-600mg/week): [IM] Having had a direct role in bringing this compound to market out of personal interest for a long-ester variant, Dienolone Enanthate is a focal point of study throughout GITS. Endearingly coined “Diet Dr. Tren” for the sake of humor and online colloquialism, Dienolone is derived from the Nandrolone class of AAS. As the term would suggest, Dienolone displays characteristics mirroring that of Trenbolone; albeit to a more mild extent than the forum favorite. Dienolone itself has enjoyed a respectable lineage on the supplement market in the form of active and precursor variants. Anecdotal feedback indicates its use being far more tolerable in comparison to Trenbolone - lacking reported side-effects: insomnia, irritability, aggression, night sweats, “tren cough,” etc. Mild it is not, but as a less-harsh alternative to its chemical cousin, Dienolone offers Tren-like results without the discomfort.

Dienolone's weekly dose corresponds with the emphasis Phase 1 places on accruing lean body mass with only mild-moderate reductions in body fat. At 400mg, Dienolone fulfills a valuable supporting role to Testosterone Enanthate's comparatively higher 750mg. Dosing will follow an increase in Dienolone with a decrease in Testosterone as the cycle progresses.

The Tren substitute should display noticeable benefits to strength and lipolysis with minimal progestin activity. That is, the additive benefits of Dienolone enhance the muscle building capability of Testosterone with little potential for complications from interacting with converted estrogen. Source: Zero Flux.

Masterdrol (20-40mg/daily): [Oral] Liquid Superdiol. Affectionately regarded as "The King" of designer steroids, Methyldrostanolone (popularized as "Superdrol") is one of the most potent compounds to be introduced as a dietary supplement. Methyldrostanolone's ability to promote strength, nutrient uptake, and overall mass rivals, or exceeds, that of most oral AAS. The introduction of DASCA granted Superdrol a Schedule III classification and an unfortunate withdrawal from the supplement market. Superdrol's immense popularity, however, ensured a resolution by way of a "structurally legal" analogue, Superdiol. Despite its effectiveness, the compound failed to garner a substantial following - attributed to its own limited availability in contrast to the parent compound's abundance filtering through underground channels. 

Superdiol is comparable to Superdrol with appropriately scaled dosing. Masterdrol's application will be reserved for the initial 4-6 weeks of Phase 1 as a pre-bed oral AAS - analogous to the role of Anadrol often employed by Team 3CC protocols. Important to note is that Masterdrol suspends its Superdiol content in a proprietary liquid carrier, Ora-Zorb, that enhances particle dispersion and bio-availability. Source: Zero Flux.

Dark Carnival (900mg/daily): Key Active: Epiandrosterone. DHEA-based precursors are often overlooked as costly and ineffective, but this unique class possesses tremendous potential in performance and aesthetic enhancement. Vicious Labs' name brand Epiandrosterone supplement, Dark Carnival, exemplifies these capabilities by blending a high concentration of active compound with an additional 10mg of BioPerine (95% Piperine) per capsule - countering the poor oral bio-availability responsible for the misconception. For purposes of hardening and preferential SHBG binding, Dark Carnival acts in a capacity similar to Proviron, but with greater potential for strength enhancement. Source: Vicious Labs.

MK-677 (10-20mg/daily): The cost and difficulty of sourcing legitimate supplies of Growth Hormone prompted interest in growth hormone releasing (GHR) peptides and agonists. Ibutamoren (aka MK-677; MK) is quite possibly the most widely favored of any GHR agent available due to its long half-life and oral bio-availability. The caveat, as with all GHRs, is that MK is limited by the body's ability to secrete GH and IGF from the pituitary gland. 

The assigned dose is speculated to mirror the properties of Growth Hormone at 2-3iu; however, no data presently exists to reaffirm this correlation, which could substantially differ between users. The comparison is moot as prior experience shows that MK compounds the effectiveness of AAS. MK is decreased to 10mg with the addition of IGF LR3. Source: ZOO Chemical Works.

IGF-LR3 (25-50mcg post-workout): [Week 3-6] Insulin-like Growth Factor is the most anabolic hormone found in human physiology; and the reason exogenous growth hormone is considered indispensable in PED regiments. The LR3 modification extends IGF's blip of a half life to a more practical 20-30 hours. It would seem intuitive to simply forgo GH in favor of IGF, but rapid up-regulation limits its use to 4 week cycles. Prolonged supra-physiological cell proliferation is concerning in its own right, which is the reason for these feedback safeguards. IGF's addition is delayed to the latter part of Phase 1 as to not introduce too many compounds at a single time. A 25mcg subcutaneous injection will be administered post-workout in Week 3 and 4 followed by 50mcg in Week 5 and 6 before discontinuation. Source: 3CC Research.

Liothyronine Sodium (25mcg/daily): The introduction of exogenous AAS inevitably results in suppression of the pituitary gland, and consequently TSH. As such, it should be common practice to include thyroid hormone (T3, T4) to maintain optimal metabolic processes. The comparatively low 25mcg in Phase 1 will serve this function without detriment to lean mass accrual. T3 is preferential for the purpose of fat loss compared to T4, which is better suited for "off-season" protocols due to its limited conversion to T3. Source: EnhancedRx.

Necrosis (2 capsules/daily): Key Active: T2 (3,5'). Necrosis is a stimulant-free fat burner supplement designed to raise basal metabolic rate, promote fat oxidation, increase insulin sensitivity, and enhance nutrient partitioning. The comprehensive formula highlights an assertive 200mcg of T2 per capsule, which can be credited as the primary contributor for fat loss - ancillary ingredients serving to enhance this effect. Of greater consideration is that the 3,5' metabolite of T2 was specifically selected for its muscle sparing attribute. Due to the simultaneous use of T3, only 400mcg of T2 will be applied as to avoid excessive caloric expenditure; 600-800mcg being common practice. Source: Vicious Labs.

SR9009 (30-50mg/daily): [Transdermal] On paper, SR9009 instantly becomes a forerunner in the PED arms race. To summarize, its mechanism of action simulates the beneficial responses of cardiovascular activity; SR9009 would likely be common place in cutting cycles if not for its high cost, low oral bio-availability, and short half life. It is, however, relatively new to the bodybuilding demographic and its continued research may result in more user-friendly versions. A prototype Topical SR9009 was developed by Premier Research Oils as a possible alternative. Although highly soluble, the tremendous molecular weight could make permeation of the skin difficult. It is advised to make efforts in assisting delivery: clean area of dirt and hair; warm and dry application site before each use. A lack of prior experience and "real world" insight into SR9009 reserved for the initial 3 weeks of Phase 1 as to not have unknown variables involved in the latter part of the GITS. Source: Premier Research Oils.

Endurabol (25mg/day): [Oral] Although not originally intended as as a participant compound, KP Anabolic generously donated two bottles of Rotterdam Endurabol for this AHRT Project entry. Cardarine is heralded [ad nauseam] as "cardio in a bottle" so the prospect of enhanced cardiovascular output and fat loss was not to be refused. Its pairing with SR9009 can be expected to deliver substantial improvements to physical endurance/performance and body composition. Fortunately, its long half-life and oral bioavailability allows for a convenient once per day dose of 25mg taken upon waking. Source: Rotterdam/KP Anabolics.

Tadalafil Citrate (20mg/mwf): The vasodilating properties of Cialis enables a series of off-label uses coveted by athletes: improved blood flow, "pumps," and vascularity; increased heart health support; and lowered blood pressure. Its long half-life when compared to same-class drugs allows for a convenient dosing scheme: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Source: EnhancedRx.

Tamoxifen Citrate (20mg/mwf): SERMs are favorable as an estrogen preventative for their ability to block receptor binding without deleterious health consequences seen in prolonged use of aromatase inhibitors. Half-life permits Monday, Wednesday, Friday dosing. Used as needed. Source: EnahncedRx.

Exemestane (12.5mg/mwf): Conservative ancillary use of Exemestane in conjunction with Tamoxifen forms an excellent estrogen safeguard. Exemestane is preferred over Arimidex or Letrozole because of its decreased impact on lipid profiles and and other health markers. As a suicide aromatase inhibitor, there is no risk of estrogen rebound. Source: EnhancedRx.

Pramipexole (.25mg/mwf): Pramipexole is maintained at a conservative .15mg daily due to the similarity of Dienolone and Trenbolone in regards to their progestin nature. Source: Purity Solutions.

Dry Spell (2 capsules/daily): Dry Spell is a DSHEA compliant estrogen-control supplement formulated and sold by Vicious Labs; each capsule contains 25mg of Arimistane and 75mg of Diindoylymethane (DIM). The former functions as a naturally occurring suicide aromatase inhibitor while the latter regulates the metabolism of estrogen. Source: Vicious Labs.


Nutrition and Timing

Proteins and fats are the predominant macro-nutrients fueling recovery and energy. Special attention is placed on the inclusion of healthy fats derived from nuts, fish oil, and Ritual to further support heart health and lean body composition. Daily carbohydrates are consumed post-workout to maximize the uptake and utilization of glucose from the presence of GLUT-4 receptors. Incremental adjustments will be made to macro-nutrients as needed.

Meal 2 is modified/replaced for "keto" two days per week. It is applied on Saturday (off-day) and Monday, which is a lightened circuit session to maintain frequency. Two exercises of one pyramid set each is done for Biceps, Triceps, Chest, and Back. Legs (trained on Sunday) and Shoulders (trained on Tuesday) are not included. 

Keto Day Modifier


Chloro Heal (by: Vicious Labs): 3 capsules daily. Containing 200mg of TUDCA and 300mg of NAC per capsule, Chloro Heal is designed to provide liver protection and antioxidant benefits. Used year round. 

Omegalyze (by: Species Nutrition): 3 pills, twice daily. High-quality fish oil supplement. Used year round.

Arthrolyze (by: Species Nutrition): 5 capsules, twice daily. High-quality joint support formula. Used year round. 

Nektar (by: Ambrosia): 1 scoop daily. Comprehensive cycle support powder. Good taste and ingredient profile. Used year round. 

Ritual (by: Ambrosia): 1 scoop daily. Healthy fats. Tastes excellent. Used cyclicly. 

Ceragen (by: Per Vitam): 2 capsules, twice daily. Contains Niagen and Cera-Q. Promotes cognitive function, cellular health, and anti-aging. Used year round. 


Progress Log

Starting Entry: 3/6/18 (Fasted 226.8 lbs)

Starting (fasted) weight read 226.8 lbs on the morning of March 6, 2018; fasted weight 2/25/18 read 222.6 lbs. Weight fluctuation attributed to water and glycogen uptake from increased anabolics and calories. The time between the given dates acted as a transition period to begin raising AAS administration and macronutrients. Testosterone increased to 600mg, Trenbolone Enanthate increased to 200mg, MK-677 added at 10mg daily - last injection administered on 3/2/18. Daily calories increased by 150.

Effective 3/5/18, protocol initiated with 375mg Testosterone Enanthate, 200mg Dienolone Enanthate, and 20mg Masterdrol. MK-677 raised to 20mg. Remaining Phase 1 PEDs will be incrementally added over the course of Week 1.

Weekly log entries will be made to track progress and keep note of significant events for future reference. For daily updates and misc. content follow social media:






Week 1 Entry: 3/12/18 (Fasted 230 lbs)

Week 1 was, in part, an extension of the bridge in the week preceding it. The sudden introduction of supra-physiological hormones and various PEDs is stressing to the body and health. It is advisable to gradually introduce compounds in turn rather than in unison to help mitigate this "shock factor."

- Dark Carnival added 3/7/18

- SR9009 and Endurabol added 3/11/18

- Necrosis held at 1 cap per day (T2: 200mcg)

While a weight increase of 3.2 lbs is, admittedly, unexpected, noticeable improvements were made to performance and physique. Physical endurance is extended, strength is increased, and quality of muscle contractions is improved. Cardiovascular capacity appears significantly improved since the addition of Endurabol and SR9009, but will be revisited in Week 2 Entry. For strength reference, lifts were as follows:

- Flat Bench: 385 x 1

- Squat: 385 x 1, 395 x 1

- Deadlift: 515 x 2


Week 2 Entry: 3/18/18 (Fasted 229.2 lbs)

Week 2 proved successful from the perspective of consistency. While the visual difference is subtle in pictures, noticeable week-to-week changes are being made to strength, size, and positive body composition. Adjustments were made to ancillaries in order to improve other facets of the cycle: sex drive and mentality. To be considered, outside variables are present that could influence a lack of sexual interest and varying mental states (depression, aggression, rapid mood swings, etc.). However, a hormonal imbalance can induce unnatural psychological responses to stress factors. Measures should be taken to resolve such issues when they first become apparent in the early stages of an AAS cycle as to not allow symptoms to worsen or impede cycle effectiveness (i.e. cortisol release, insomnia). 

- Necrosis was not used from 3/13/18 - 3/18/18 due to pending inventory arrival. Added on 3/19/18 at 1 capsule. Dose increased to 2 capsules on 3/20/18. 

- Nolvadex discontinued 3/12/18, but will be added later if necessary.

- Prami increased to 0.20mg ed. 

- Necrosis held at 1 cap per day (T2: 200mcg)

Fasted weight remained largely unchanged with a negative 0.8 lb fluctuation from the previous update. Presumably, the body is acclimating to the increase in PED usage (water and glycogen uptake) and causing weight to stabilize.   For strength reference, lifts were as follows:

- Flat Bench: 395 x 1

- Squat: 385 x 2, 395 x 1, 405 x 1 (fail)

- Deadlift: 545 x 1 (lifted with unacceptable form)


Week 3 & 4 Entry: 4/1/18 (Fasted 227.2 lbs)

Weeks 3 and 4 are combined into a single update for the sake of convenience during a trying few days. Keto days have been implemented more frequently with 4 out of 7 days being absent of any direct carbohydrates, save for green beans; calories for Keto days sit around 3500. Oatmeal and english muffin maintained post workout on Chest, Back, and Leg training days. Insomnia has become more prevalent over the past week, which required the use of sleep aids (off-brand ZZZQuil). Strength and body composition have been progressing well despite impaired rest.

Trenquil appears effective after several 2mg pre-workout doses being applied throughout the week on Chest, Back, and Leg training days. Enhanced strength and increased training aggression is apparent. Whether or not this will be maintained as a pre-workout compound or strictly reserved for the final portion of prep is to be determined. 


3/19: Ostarine added at 25mg pre-bed. Masterdrol moved to 20mg in the morning.

3/21: First noticeable signs of fatigue.

3/23: Pramipexole lowered to .15mg daily. Taken with final meal. 

3/24: Added a 4th weekly dose of Tadalafil and Exemestane on Saturday evening.

3/25: A 2mg dose of Trenquil taken 45min before training legs. Speculation has risen regarding whether or not it functions properly. Since Trenquil is scheduled for use in the final weeks of GITS, its effectiveness must be ascertained. Initial impression is extremely favorable,

- 405 squat was  completed successfully followed by 3 sets of 3 with 365 and then 335 for a few sets of 4-6 reps and then 2 sets of 315 for 5-8 reps. 225 until failure. Another preworkout dose will be taken at a later date.  

- Masterdol daily dose increased to 30mg. A 20mg dose is taken upon waking and another 10mg is taken approximately 12 hours later.

3/27: Shoulder training showed additional improvement to strength and size. 75 lb dumbbells used for lateral raises with relatively good form. 65's used for one-arm lateral raises. Pressing movements improved with 110's used for seated dumbbells following a pre-exhaust with 3 sets on hammer press and 3 sets of heavy laterals.

- Began IGF-LR3 post workout at 25mcg today.
- Discontinued SR9009 TD.
- Lowered MK677 to 10mg (pre-bed). 
- Acne has been more prevalent.


Weeks 5 - 7 Entry: 4/22/18 (Fasted 223.8 lbs)

This rounds out the recomposition phase of the cycle. The lengthy transitional period saw continuous fine tuning to both diet and PED usage. It is particularly important to identify the strong and weak points of the protocol prior to the fragile final weeks of prep, which is cause for frequent changes. Any attempts at PR's have been discontinued as to avoid increased risk of injury as calories are gradually reduced. 

The effectiveness of Trenquil is solidified; however, its potent, and potentially, toxic nature limits its use. It is maintained on Back and Leg day in order to preserve strength and maximize recovery factors on the most strenuous training days. Strong consideration is held to including Trenquil as a regular oral component in the final 2 weeks of prep. 


3/27: Insomnia is preventing adequate sleep, but progress is maintained overall.

- Dropped SR9009 (ran out)
- Lowered MK to 10mg at night only. 
- Added IGF post workout at 25mcg.
- Acne has been aggravated as of late. Could be related to lack of sleep.

4/9: IGF LR3 increased to 50mcg post workout applied in two separate 25mcg shots. Shots were rotated between deltoids and quadriceps. 

4/10: Androgenic compounds see emphasis as the transition continues towards fat loss/hardening. 

- Ostarine discontinued.
- YK-11 added at 30mg. 
- Masterdrol discontinued
- Pheradrone (Desoxy Ace transdermal) added at 150mg/day split into 3 50mg applications. 

4/20: An official shift towards dedicated fat loss is made, which is reflected in the changes to PED's being applied. 

- IGF LR3 discontinued.
- YK-11 increased to 40mg. 
- Desoxytestosterone Cypionate added at 400mg/week. 
- Necrosis increased to 3 capsules daily.

4/23: MK is discontinued and Frag is added at 750mcg daily. Frag is applied 375mcg upon waking and 375mcg before bed.


Week 8 Entry: 4/28/18 (Fasted 221.6 lbs)

The end of Week 8 concludes the transition into Phase 2. Macros, cardio, and drugs have been adjusted to accommodate more dramatic fat loss.  Week 8 also marked the turning point in which the body started exhibiting signs of fatigue related to prep. Although significantly improved as compared to last year at this point in prep, strength and endurance is noticeably decreased. Recovery is slightly hindered as muscle soreness seems to extend longer than normal. 

4/22: Dry Spell added at 3 caps daily. 


Phase 2: Intensive Fat Loss

Phase 2 adjustments reflect a shift away from lean mass development to emphasize intensive fat loss. While not terribly behind local-level competitor standards, conditioning is not ideal for being 4 weeks out. 

Monday training sessions (non body part specific) will focus more around cardio and will be completed fasted. Post-workout meal will be eaten immediately upon returning from gym - no post-workout shake.

The drug protocol listed below is a starting point and will see weekly adjustments until the day of the show. Subsequent log entries will indicate changes made as they occur due to the impossibility of anticipating needs in advance. During this critical point of preparation it is necessary to maintain flexibility. This applies to all aspects including training, cardio, and nutrition. 


Test C (600mg/week): Testosterone is lowered a small amount to decrease estrogen conversion, water retention. The longer Cypionate ester is should be considered as it will yield less Testosterone mg per mg as compared to Enanthate. No further reductions made in order to preserve overall size. Source: Gokira Pharma.

Trenbolone Enanthate (300mg/week): Dienolone is replaced with Trenbolone for comparative purposes between the two associated steroids - also, ran out of Dienolone. While it is inadvisable to change drugs out at this stage, it is an excellent opportunity to challenge the relative effectiveness of both compounds. Simultaneous reduction in Testosterone lessens the potential for estrogen to antagonize the progestin nature of Trenbolone. Source: Gokira Pharma.

Desoxytestosterone Cypionate (600mg/week): DTC is temporarily raised to 600mg to increase blood hormone levels of the compound. It will be reduced back to 400mg in Week 10 to accommodate an increase in Trenbolone. The long Cypionate ester should, in theory, keep DTC baseline above 400mg in the following weeks after the temporary increase in dose.

Masterdrol (30mg/daily)

Trenquil (1-2mg/daily): [Oral] Liquid Methyltriendiol. When it comes to wild cards this is the Ace of Spades. Trenquil is a one-step precursor diol analogue to Methyltrienolone. Little needs to be said regarding the legendary potency of "Methyl Tren." Trenquil was utilized as a preworkout on Back and Leg training days at 2mg throughout Phase 1. It is added for regular use at the beginning of Phase 2 with a starting dose of 1mg taken pre-bed. Its use will be reassessed for a possible increase in subsequent weeks leading into the show. Source: Zero Flux.

YK-11 (20mg/daily): This potent androgen erroneously dubbed a SARM possesses a powerful affinity ideal for supporting strength and hardening characteristics. Its addition will coincide with the removal of Ostraine. Prior experience depicts YK-11 as inducing a steady "pumped" feeling reminiscent of Anadrol, but with a "dry" characteristic. Source: Premier Research Essentials.

Epiandrosterone (1200mg): Raised by 300mg/day to increase androgenic activity and hardening. Source: Vicious Labs.

Growth Frag (800mcg/daily): This particular sequence of the GH protein strand is predominantly characterized by its fat loss quality. Compound is removed at the end of Week 11 to reinforce a harder aesthetic quality. Source: Premier Research Essentials.

T3 (25mcg): Maintained at 25mcg but may be raised by 25mcg to enhance fat loss. A 50mcg dose of T3 may impair, or inhibit, muscle growth at this stage. Source: EnhancedRX.

T2 (600mcg): Necrosis increased by 1 capsule to further accent fat loss. Source: Vicious Labs.

Clenbuterol (20-80mcg): Added for the last 3 weeks of Phase 2 in the applied manner: 40/80/80

Tadalafil Citrate (20mg/mwfs)unchanged

Tamoxfien Citrate (20mg/mwfs): unchanged

Exemestane (12.5mg/mwfs): unchanged

Dry Spell (3 caps/daily): Dry Spell maintained to further manage estrogen and related metabolites. 

Progress Log

Entry 1: 4/30/18 (Fasted 220.3 lbs)

While significant progress has been made from the perspective of physical development, conditioning at the beginning of Week 9 is far from ideal. A strict cutting regiment has been devised to achieve needed body composition. Below is a general schedule outlining PED, training, and meal timing:

[5:15am] Frag 400mcg, Cardarine 25mg, Necrosis 1 cap, YK-11 10mg, Masterdrol 15mg, Ceragen 2 caps.

[5:45am] Meal 1: 351 Calories - (38p / 7c / 17.5f)

[7:00am] 45-60 minutes of weight training followed by 30 minutes of cardio. Treadmill: Speed 2.0, Incline 10

[9:00am] Meal 2: 315 Calories - (45p / 8c / 10.5f) - Dark Carnival 1 cap

[11:30am] Meal 3: 323 Calories - (53.5p / 11c / 5.5f) - Dark Carnival 1 cap, Necrosis 1 cap

[2:30pm] Meal 4: 403 Calories - (56p / 10c / 16f)

[4:30pm] Necrosis 1 cap, YK-11 10mg, Masterdrol 15mg, Ceragen 2 caps.

[5:00pm] Meal 5: 463 Calories - (50p / 10c / 24f) - Dark Carnival 1 cap

[7:15pm] Frag 400mcg, T3 25mcg

[7:30pm] 40 minutes cardio. Treadmill: Speed 2.0, Incline 10

[9:00pm] Meal 6: 323 Calories - (53.5p / 11c / 5.5f) - Dark Carnival 1 cap

[10:00pm] Pre-bed: 1ml Trenquil


Entry 2: 5/7/18 (Fasted 215lbs)

Adjustments to PEDs:


Test Cyp: 400mg
Desoxy Cyp: 400mg
Tren Ace: 200mg
Tren E: 300mg
Tren Hex: 100mg

Anadrol: 50mg
Proviron: 50mg
Anavar: 50mg
EpiAndro: 900mg

Fat Loss:
Frag: 800mcg
T4: 200mcg
T2: 800mcg
Clen: 40mcg
GW: 25mg

Exemestane: 12.5mg eod
Nolvadex: 20mg eod
Tadalafil: 20mg eod


Revised PED, training, and meal schedule:

[5:15am] Frag 400mcg, Cardarine 25mg, Necrosis 1 cap, Anavar 25mg, Proviron 25mg, Ceragen 2 caps.

[5:45am] Meal 1: 351 Calories - (38p / 7c / 17.5f)

[7:00am] 45-60 minutes of weight training followed by 40 minutes of cardio. Treadmill: Speed 2.1, Incline 11

[9:00am] Meal 2: 315 Calories - (45p / 8c / 10.5f) - Dark Carnival 1 cap

[11:30am] Meal 3: 323 Calories - (53.5p / 11c / 5.5f) - Necrosis 1 cap

[2:30pm] Meal 4: 403 Calories - (56p / 10c / 16f)

[4:30pm] Necrosis 1 cap, Anavar 25mg, Proviron 25mg, Ceragen 2 caps.

[5:00pm] Meal 5: 463 Calories - (50p / 10c / 24f) - Dark Carnival 1 cap

[7:15pm] Frag 400mcg, Clen 40mcg, 1ml Trenquil

[7:30pm] 45 minutes cardio. Treadmill: Speed 2.1, Incline 11

[9:00pm] Meal 6: 323 Calories - (53.5p / 11c / 5.5f) - Dark Carnival 1 cap

[10:00pm] Pre-bed: Anadrol 50mg, T2 200mcg, T4 200mcg


Entry 3: 5/12/18 (Fasted 214.8lbs)


Fat loss has increased dramatically with recent implementations. Weight appears to holding well despite ample cardio and conservative calories. Body composition remains unideal for nearing the "2 Weeks Out" mark. Further modifications have been made going into Week 11 that are intended to increase, or at least maintain, the current rate of fat loss. 

Adjustments to PEDs:

Test Cyp: 400mg
Desoxy Cyp: 400mg
Tren Ace: 200mg
Tren E: 300mg
Tren Hex: 100mg

Anadrol: 50mg
Proviron: 75mg
Anavar: 75mg
EpiAndro: 900mg

Fat Loss:
T4: 200mcg
T2: 800mcg
Clen: 80mcg
GW: 25mg

Exemestane: 12.5mg eod
Nolvadex: 20mg eod
Tadalafil: 20mg eod


Revised PED, training, and meal schedule:

[5:15am] Cardarine 25mg, Necrosis 1 cap, Anavar 25mg, Proviron 25mg, Clen 40mcg, Ceragen 2 caps.

[5:45am] Meal 1: 351 Calories - (38p / 7c / 17.5f)

[7:00am] 45-60 minutes of weight training followed by 40 minutes of cardio. Treadmill: Speed 2.1, Incline 11

[9:00am] Meal 2: 315 Calories - (45p / 8c / 10.5f) - Dark Carnival 1 cap

[11:30am] Meal 3: 323 Calories - (53.5p / 11c / 5.5f) - Necrosis 1 cap

[2:30pm] Meal 4: 403 Calories - (56p / 10c / 16f)

[4:00pm] Necrosis 1 cap, Anavar 25mg, Proviron 25mg, Clen 40mcg, Ceragen 2 caps.

[4:10pm] 50 minutes cardio. Treadmill: Speed 2.1, Incline 11

[5:30pm] Meal 5: 463 Calories - (50p / 10c / 24f) - Dark Carnival 1 cap

[8:00pm] Meal 6: 323 Calories - (53.5p / 11c / 5.5f) - Necrosis 1 cap, Dark Carnival 1 cap

[Pre-Bed] Anadrol 50mg, Anavar 25mg, Proviron 25mg, T4 200mcg