AHRT Project: Introductory Phase (Part 1)

Introductory Phase
In order to better understand the purpose of AHRT Project, an Introductory Phase was selected to offer researchers greater insight into the ideas and theories that define the role of AHRT Project.  Due to genetic constructs, variation from person-to-person is highly individualized; this, of course, dictates the response to the variables applied. Consequently, it is not possible to ascertain a precise protocol without first garnering a firm understanding of one's predispositions, and of the pharmacology being utilized. To this end, Introductory Phase is separated into two parts, (1) and (2). The former serves as a reference point from which to assess PED's, training, and nutrition. Results and information obtained from Phase 1 will be used to develop a more refined program that will be implemented in Phase 2. 

In this particular instance, a carefully considered cocktail was selected to address a multitude of pathways. This initial format serves as the foundation from which incremental adjustments will be made to achieve the desired effect. In truth, the dosages for the selected compounds may prove excessive, but they are a suitable starting point from which doses can be scaled and manipulated. Of particular concern is the assigned dose of Trenbolone Enanthate. While reasonable, 150mg (100mg active) per week of this potent androgen will likely prove problematic over a longer duration. Consequently, the presently assigned doses are to be considered temporary. While dependent upon results in relation to performance, aesthetics, and health, a more ideal AHRT program will be implemented following the conclusion of Introductory Phase (1). 

Participant Stats
Subject: ZOO
Sex: Male 
Age: 27 
Height: 6'1" 
Start Weight: 225.6 lbs (fasted)
Start Date: January 6, 2018

Notes: Participant has a diagnosis of scoliosis and kyphosis. Specialist indicates an estimated anatomical structure of 6'4" based on spine curvature analysis.

To achieve a maximum benefit to performance, aesthetics, and quality of life, while mitigating negative impacts to health markers. The broad diversification of appropriately scaled pharmaceuticals allows for safe, prolonged physiological enhancement.

Compounds (Phase 1)

Testosterone Cypionate (300mg/week): As the predominant human male androgen, testosterone often serves as the base for exogenous protocols. Weekly dosage extends beyond typical TRT assigned numbers. Generally considered a "low" dose by steroid cycle standards, this number is appropriate given the added duress of repeat resistance training and exercise. Source: Gokira Pharma.

Trenbolone Enanthate (150mg/week): The use of Trenbolone is certainly a controversial proposition for the purpose at hand. Notorious for exhibiting exceptional potency, as well as exceptional side-effects, this Nandrolone derivative possesses unique characteristics, such as skeletal muscle selectivity and insulin sensitization. Ideally, a low dose of the slower-releasing Enanthate ester will capitalize on the benefits of Trenbolone while mitigating the negative properties often reported from higher doses of the hormone fluctuating Acetate variant. Source: Gokira Pharma. 

Proviron (50mg/daily): Erroneously considered a "weak" compound by AAS standards, Mesterolone's strength is indirect by way of its notable affinity for Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin. SHBG targets and binds with Free Testosterone, which renders the steroid molecule inactive. Proviron's penchant for the glycoprotein enhances overall protocol effectiveness by alleviating the limited amount of exogenous Testosterone from SHBG attachment. Source: Human Labs.

Anadrol (25mg/daily): Well deserving of a place on the Mt. Rushmore of steroids, Oxymethelone is quite possibly the most formidable oral compound at an athletes disposal. The purpose of including Anadrol at a shy 25mg is a collaboration of broscience and clinical observation. At 50mg, Oxymetholone is demonstrated to be effective and well tolerated in both athletic and medical applications. It is fair to reason that despite the low amount, this conservative use of Anadrol will improve carbohydrate utilization, preserve strength, and support a "fuller" looking physique. Source: Human Labs.

Serostim (4iu/daily): When considering the wealth of benefits that growth hormone offers, it is only befitting, if not necessary, to include this particular protein chain. Body composition, lean muscle tissue, and recovery should benefit from 4iu daily of Serostim. Growth Hormone was introduced with a simultaneous decrease in the quantity of anabolic-androgenic steroids being used. Source: Routepharms.

Liothyronine Sodium - T3 (25mcg/daily): Suppression of the pituitary gland, and consequently TSH, from the use of AAS prompts a need for thyroid hormone replacement. Liothyronine Sodium (T3) at 25mcg per day is fitting for maintaining consistent thyroid levels and metabolism. Source: EnhancedRx.

Necrosis - T2 (200mcg/daily): Base thyroid level is established with the inclusion of T3 at 25mcg daily. As a means of polishing basal metabolic rate and overall body composition, an effective, stimulant-free fat loss formula, Necrosis, is supplemented. At one capsule per day, Necrosis offers 200mcg of T2, in addition to glucose disposal agents and lipolytic ingredients, to reduce adipose tissue storage. Source: Vicious Labs.

Tadalafil Citrate - Cialis (20mg/mwf): This particular class of drugs has garnered a cult following among bodybuilders in recent years. Beyond its most notable attribute, the vasodilating enhancing aspect of Cialis and similar compounds is of great interest to anyone seeking the "pump." Cialis has a longer half-life in the body when compared to Viagra, which makes for a practical Monday, Wednesday, Friday dosing split. Additionally, studies have shown Tadalafil Citrate to display heart health supporting properties - tremendously valuable for those partaking in the use of AAS. Source: EnhancedRx.

Notes: Gokira Test-Tren contains a solution of 200mg of Testosterone Cypionate and 100mg of Trenbolone Enathate per one (1) milliliter. An injection of 0.75ml is administered subcutaneously into the lower abdomen every Monday and Friday morning to achieve the desired weekly dosage.


Proposed Adjustments (Phase 2)
Phase 1 primarily serves as the anecdotal base to be used in structuring a successor protocol. The proposed variant incorporates these findings with information extracted from medical applications. Real-world experience aligned with clinical data should transpire into a viable AHRT program.
  1. Testosterone Enanthate (200mg/wk): Testosterone is lowered to reach optimal physiological blood hormone levels. 

  2. Masteron Enanthate (150mg/wk): The addition of this DHT derivative is intended to support androgenic and anabolic activity following the decrease of Testosterone and Trenbolone from Phase 1. Drostanolone, while relatively mild, is an excellent complimentary compound that effectively supports the desired aesthetic. 

  3. Trenbolone Enanthate (50mg/wk): A conversion of Parabolan use in medicine reveals the weekly dosage of active Trenbolone to be 37.5mg - Trenbolone Enanthate at 50mg per week will provide 36mg of active compound.  

  4. Proviron (25mg): Dosage is halved to coincide with the addition of Masteron and the decrease in Testosterone. 

  5. Anadrol (25mg): unchanged

  6. Serostim (4iu)unchanged

  7. T3 (25mcg)unchanged

  8. T2 (200mcg)unchanged

  9. Cialis (20mg/mwf)unchanged

Nutrition and Timing
As AHRT Project is intended for long-term, sustainable enhancement, nutrition becomes exponentially more valuable in supporting its pursuit. Without an abundance of PED's to offset inadequate dietary habits, greater attention must be given to this variable. The ratio, quantity, and timing in which carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are consumed must be considered to achieve a peak benefit. With sustainability in mind, nutrition should be structured in a manner that satisfies hunger and the body's energy requirements. Feelings often associated with states of deprivation (i.e. cravings, lethargy, etc.) indicate a diet that is both insufficient and improperly balanced. Again, this will vary by participant.   
The nutrition plan displayed is derived from a culmination of personal experience, good and bad, to develop an efficient dietary environment. Protein and fat are the predominant macro-nutrients fueling recovery and energy; healthy fats and fish oil are emphasized to support heart health and lean body composition. Remaining calories from carbohydrates are largely consumed in the post-workout meal to capitalize on improved glucose utilization in the presence of GLUT-4. Incremental adjustments to macro-nutrients will be made based on feedback from the body. Intuition, without bias or ulterior influence, is one of the greatest assets to progression. 

Chloro Heal (by: Vicious Labs): 3 capsules daily. Containing 200mg of TUDCA and 300mg of NAC per capsule, Chloro Heal is designed to provide liver protection and antioxidant benefits. Used year round. 

Dry Spell (by: Vicious Labs): 2 capsules daily. Effective over-the-counter estrogen control supplement. Utilizes Arimistane and Diindoylymethane (DIM) to inhibit estradiol conversion and regulate estrogen metabolism. Used as needed.

Omegalyze (by: Species Nutrition): 3 pills, twice daily. High-quality fish oil supplement. Used year round.

Arthrolyze (by: Species Nutrition): 5 capsules, twice daily. High-quality joint support formula. Used year round. 

Nektar (by: Ambrosia): 1 scoop daily. Comprehensive cycle support powder. Good taste and ingredient profile. Used year round. 

Ritual (by: Ambrosia): 1 scoop daily. Healthy fats. Tastes excellent. 

Ceragen (by: Per Vitam): 2 capsules, twice daily. Contains Niagen and Cera-Q. Promotes cognitive function, cellular health, and anti-aging. Used year round. 

Results & Conclusion
End Weight: 222.6 lbs
End Date: February 25, 2018 (fasted)

AHRT Project: Introductory Phase (1) prematurely concluded on Day 51 due to time constraints surrounding Grow Into The Show (GITS). The Introductory Phase experiment is presently suspended and will resume with Phase 2 (and respective protocol adjustments) at the conclusion of GITS. This initial AHRT Project journal establishes a functional template to develop subsequent entries.

The lack of corresponding blood work renders imperative health marker data as "inconclusive." While the results of these readings were to be used in developing subsequent protocols, considerable information was successfully collected during the 7 Week period. Considerable in terms of both quality and quantity, the knowledge gained pertains to key aspects of personal physical progression; most notably in relation to refining macro-nutrient ratios, drug and nutrition timing, and training methodology. The absence of copious AAS buffering these commonly neglected areas forced a total reassessment of the approach taken in bodybuilding and conditioning.

Although the visual disparity is underwhelming for a 7 week lapse, physical progress was made after decreasing PED usage by three-quarters of the total milligrams formerly used. Apparent fat loss in upper abdominals, shoulder-arm insertions, and inner and lower chest. Some light bruising and residual irritation to lower abdominal region persists a few days following final subcutaneous injection of oil based compound.



Strength remained consistent in most target body parts. Squats showed improvement in weight resistance and rep range following a period of discontinuation to accommodate hip/knee injury. Endurance for weight-resistance exercises diminished slightly - minimal impact to overall performance. 

Cardio is regularly maintained (20 minutes; 12-14 incline; 2.0-2.4mph) in the "off season" for general health and increased training capacity. Cardiovascular performance saw improvement despite the use of Trenbolone. 

Repeat AAS shots to lower abdominal fat resulted in mild discomfort and bruising. Oil-based subcutaneous injections are best reserved for doses of 0.5ml or less; however, 0.75 - 1.00ml is manageable at accommodating body fat percentages. For "low dose" applications this is a great option to relieve injection sites and reduce intramuscular scarring. Irritation from injections may cause noticeable blurring to the area.  

A lower carbohydrate, higher fat approach adequately preserved energy and exercise capacity with mild improvements in body composition. A caloric base of 3k held a fasted weight around 223 lbs throughout the first phase. Weight dipped between 218-219 lbs at its lowest.

The presence of Trenbolone became apparent despite its forgiving dose and longer releasing Enanthate ester. Intermittent periods of side-effects initiated around the third week: empathy impairment, two instances of night terrors, increased frequency in mood polarity (highs and lows). 

Although intimidating on paper, Trenbolone's side-effects were largely tolerable, but ill-advised for its intended purpose. As expected, the assigned 150mg dose proved excessive and best reserved for more aggressive cycles. Despite the "complications" Trenbolone presents, the potential application of this compound in a hormone replacement setting is too intriguing to abandon in its entirety. Phase 2 adjustments will proceed.