Black Archive

The corrupted compendium known as Black Archive houses the forbidden knowledge of Bloodline Industries. Unfortunately, little information survived following New Founding's rise to power and subsequent purging of Archaos. Gradually, however, remnants of manuscripts are beginning to emerge...

1) Articles of Archaos: The captivating short-fiction piece depicting the rise of The Blood Lord!

2) Blood Lord, The: Discover the fabled blade behind the man.

3) Butcher, The: Every anti-hero has his foe...

4) Candyman, The: This twisted traveler isn't all tall-tales. 

5) Industrial Complex: Bloodline's manufacturing effort to develop augmenting elixirs, tonics, and vigors. 

6) Origins of Bloodline: Laden with mysticism, bloodlust, and necromancy, the clandestine cult has a disparate past.