Bloodline Industries

Crafted from the malevolent mind of ZOO, Bloodline Industries is a fusion of fantastical fiction and real-world supplementation. This experimental project manifests tangible products that directly correlate to the story-based content found throughout the literary sources of Bloodline Industries' Doctrine. 

By granting access to Bloodline's dark sacraments, devout followers of the clandestine cult are able to actively engage with the world of Archaos. Such an inventive use of the imagination thrusts novel excitement upon personal development. Succumb to its metaphysical effects and allow Bloodline Industries to shape your reality and your body...

Note: Bloodline Industries existed as a working concept that served as the basis for product line development. It is not longer active. All supplements have been permanently transitioned to Vicious Labs.



"Few are as indicative of Bloodline ideals as the troupes that have become synonymous with the cult's twisted image. Their pursuit of power was paved by subjugation to crude experimentation and depraved sadism. Such methods catalyzed the evolution of a renegade sect into a formidable faction of andromorphic beings."


Red Medz

"As provisions continue to dwindle with haste, Bloodline has resorted to "commandeering" supply convoys. While the medicinal qualities of New Founding research is profound, it was deemed essential by The Blood Lord to modify their content. Now a staple of trade on the black market, "Red Medz" reflect the cult's refined taste for bloodlust."



"Spawning from the enigmatic forces of Black Alchemy, Necrogens combine the chaotic powers of this ancient practice with the refined technology of Bloodline Industries. Embrace the dark arts of anabolic necromancy and become blessed with accursed gifts of unfathomable potential."