Carbs! Carbs! Carbs! A Formula 19 Story

Published: 11 May 2016

In a convoluted turn of events, I have somehow conned my way into a position of supplement product review. Something I am familiar with albeit in a more unofficial manner. As good fortune would have it, Blackstone Labs opted to participate in my latest endeavor. While Blackstone has been on my radar since its inception, I never paid much mind until the popular Beauty and Brawn series came to fruition; as of late my interest has turned to Gorilla Chemist. Regardless of the platform, it is evident that their marketing is exceptionally effective as the first product I purchased from them was Formula 19, which is a carbohydrate-centered recovery formula. The significance of this is the fact that I haven't purchased a carbohydrate supplement in roughly 8 years as I tend to view them as far from essential.

Carbohydrates have existed as a curious conundrum in the fitness community. Competitive male bodybuilders herald it as the performance and physique enhancing holy grail when paired with insulin. For the "unassisted," a supplemental carb source often appeals to the ectomorphic hard gainers often seen gazing at the mounds of mass gainers lining the walls of their local shoppe. In stark contrast, a woman's perspective of carbohydrates is akin to that of a flabby butt coupled with prodigious muffin top syndrome. Despite any reservations Dave Palumbo might have, carbohydrates can be effectively implemented into a bodybuilder's macronutrient profile with positive results. This is particularly true of Formula 19 as its structural profile doesn't induce the dreaded insulin response of simple sugar sources of carbohydrates. Since Blackstone Labs generously provided me with a tub of Formula 19 for this column, I have incorporated my experiences of both past and present.

Following a hefty Thanksgiving weekend, I felt it necessary to not waste such bountiful gains; instead embarking head on into a quest for mass by any means necessary. It's no secret that I participate in certain "extracurriculars" and after reevaluating my stagnant food and "supplement" regiment I wanted to incorporate a fast acting insulin in place of harsher anabolics. To this end I realized the need for a quality carbohydrate to capitalize on exogenous insulin use during the post-workout period. As previously mentioned, my familiarity with carb powders was nil. In an epiphanic moment, the ever dapper PJ Braun appeared on the laptop before me. In a passionate presentation with conviction in his voice I knew that Formula 19 was the proper choice. With tren in the trash and Formula 19 in hand I began mixing this delectable elixir into my post-workout shake in conjunction with 10iu humalog. Without going into unnecessary detail I made some of the best gains I ever had. I am omitting most of this part on account of the fact that I was dirty bulking while on ample gear and it wouldn’t be fair to make an assessment based on this. Now, let us move on to more recent events.

Admittedly, I was a bit surprised to have received Formula 19. It was not disclosed ahead of time what product I was going to be writing about. In my square frame of mind I had assumed a container of the infamous Dust or Hype to arrive at my doorstep as preworkout products are the standard of discussion. Those would have been far too easy to evaluate as such products generally have a near instantaneous effect on physical and/or cognitive performance. In addition to my surprise I was also somewhat concerned. Having embarked on a journey of intermittent fasting and fat loss I had, at the time of starting Formula 19, dropped about 45 lbs in preparation for summer. Cuts for the sluts, right? Not a problem. I would just rework my carbohydrate intake and exclude a small bit of brown rice as compensation.

Wrecked with nerves I mixed one scoop of the Black Currant flavor into my Fuzzy Navel flavored post workout shake. Whether or not my junk food deprived state had any influence on my perception of taste, this combination made for something pretty damn delicious. Much better than the brown rice I've grown fond of. I maintained this protocol for the first week. Interestingly, I had maintained a higher level of endurance by the end of my last training session. Normally my 5-on and 2-off regiment has me a tad spent by the time Friday's arm workout rolls around. I suppose it would be intuitive that the addition of a quality post-workout carb and recovery cocktail would have this very effect. Weeks two, three, and four share a similar experience. The difference, however, coming in the way of actual, noticeable improvements in my lifts. Nothing magical by any means but a couple extra reps on my hack squats and an additional 5 lbs on bench press go a long way in reinvigorating a dulled level of motivation. The goal, however, is still fat loss and my obsessive nature had me standing shirtless in front of the mirror on many occasions. My thorough observation did not indicate any digression from the objective. A good sign but I needed to confirm with the scale to make sure that I hadn't gained weight. Small increases in fat wouldn't be particularly noticeable in such a short time span. With a sigh of relief I had in fact dropped roughly 5-7 lbs - fluctuations taken into consideration. Safe to say that a large part of this steady progression can be attributed to the fact that the R3 carbohydrate complex was designed by PJ to be absorbed quickly without inducing elevated blood sugar and correlating insulin response.

Overall I am more than pleased with the quality of this product. I am especially appreciative of the fact that the passion PJ had in developing Formula 19 is front and center. The supplement industry has become entirely cookie cutter so it is refreshing to see such individual attention being granted to each Blackstone Labs release. Perhaps the only drawback to Formula 19 is the relative cost compared to rival carbohydrate powders. However, what you receive in additional recovery agents contained in Formula 19 offsets the added expense. Clearly Coath PJ did not want to cut any corners. For more information regarding Formula 19, go visit There you can find a detailed outline of the ingredient profile in addition to a video explanation.