CBD Oil (Part 1: CBD Drip)

Product Review: CBD Drip Platinum
Completed: 30 November 2017

I think most of us on the forum are aware of the benefits cannabis possesses so I'll post some info for you guys here. One of my local friends is a distributor for CBD Drip and hit me up Monday to try out one of his products to sample and review from the perspective of someone who's into bodybuilding.

I smoke the greens but have no experience with straight CBD oil. I picked it up today and per his recommendation I took two droppers sublingually before tonight's back workout. I noticed an almost instant relaxing of the body. Really, I felt quite limber. My knees and quads have been battered from training legs on Monday but I could comfortably squat down and sit on my heels.

I get notorious lower back pumps/pain when doing heavy sets and while the CBD oil didn't eliminate that it did take the edge off and made the workout much more pleasant. Additionally, I didn't "gas out" quite as hard by the end of training. I have a deviated septum so my nose is damn near useless for air so I imagine the bronchial expansion was allowing me to get the necessary oxygen in. There is an apparent calming effect which isn't necessarily a benefit when manhandling iron but could be a good quality if used post workout or before bed.

It isn't something I'd use regularly for a pre workout but for back, legs, and cardio I can dig it. I'll be using this more as a post workout recovery as I feel this is where the product truly shines. It's nice not feeling stiff and sore. You guys with chronic joint pain may want to check it out. I will use before training again on Monday for squatting with updates to follow.

- alleviated pain
- opened airways/faster recovery between sets
- flexibility increased

- calming effect/reduced intensity
- dropper doesn't work so well but I have an oral syringe
- tastes bad but I've used nastier supplements lol