CBD Oil (Part 2: For The People)

Product Review: For the People
Completed: 14 April 2017
My friend at Shock Movement was kind enough to send me one of his most recent CBD products. In my original post about this we established the wide array of value that CBD can have for bodybuilding and day-to-day life. This, however, is a much improved version. It carries a larger concentration at 20mg/ml in a 10ml vial and the packaging itself is more solid imo. The top is child safe (and ZOO safe too the first time lol) and the dropper uses a traditional suction bulb instead of the flimsy button thing of the other. Oh, and it doesn't taste bad either haha

I opted to try it in a variety of applications. The CBD was administered orally under the tongue which I let sit for a couple minutes.

Application 1: Stress. Needless to say my schedule has become pressed for time and between prep, work, and Vicious Labs. At times I get a bit "edgy," which can be beneficial heading into the gym but the feeling is very much unwanted outside of that. The CBD alleviated this and allowed me to approach my tasks in a much more functional manner.

Application 2: Pain. Probably don't need to address the fact that I'm in a near constant state of soreness lol so for this example I will use my drive to AZ. Long periods of sitting often leads to lower back and knee pain for me. About halfway through the drive over it became extremely uncomfortable to sit. Not wanting to stop I dropped 1ml. The sharpness of the pain subsided very quickly and my muscles relaxed. Easy breezy cruise the rest of the way.

Application 3: Sleep. This one is a bit tricky since I don't sleep much (4-5 hours average during the week) so when I get the opportunity it doesn't take much to knock me out. Essentially, I can't say if it helped my sleep any but for those who have trouble falling asleep I can see the benefit for the aforementioned reasons ^^

Application 4: Topical. My girlfriend had some bad cuts on her fingers, or rather torn off hangnails. The pain was pretty bad and I remember Nick using CBD topically to help with chemical burns his girlfriend was dealing with. Surprisingly, it seemed to work. The pain was numbed to an extent. She definitely knew they were there but it was no longer distracting.

In short, anybody who enjoys CBD or is interested in trying it out then this is a solid product to try out.

You can find this and other CBD products at shockmovement.com

The one pictured is called "For The People"