Desoxytestosterone (Acetate)

Article by: ZOO the Blood Lord

Manufactured by:
Zero Flux

Despite a commonality of name, Desoxy[tesosterone] does not possess the androgenic and male supporting characteristics of Testosterone. This surprisingly common misconception has led many amateur anabolic users to believe that this DHT derivative is a viable “test base” alternative. While this is highly inaccurate, Desoxy does, however, share a unique lineage among the designer “supplements” that saw rise throughout the 2000’s. The compound itself is a virtual unknown by comparative standards, but its methylated variant, Madol/Pheraplex, has built a cult-following lasting well beyond DASCA efforts. This methylation grants Desoxy the effective oral administration needed for practical purposes as an over-the-counter “supplement,” but fundamentally changes the physiological characteristics it exerts. It was not until Desoxytestosterone was esterified and marketed as a research chemical that it garnered notoriety independent of its supplement sister.

The absence of a methyl attachment largely removes the dramatic binding affinity associated with oral-based anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS); however, in terms of potential medicinal and performance enhancement applications, Desoxy is of far greater value. Advantageously, it can be administered for far longer durations without significant toxicity or aggressive impact on health markers. Standard of compounds modified from Dihydrotestosterone, Desoxy displays relatively strong anabolic properties with modest androgenic activity; its recorded anabolic-androgenic ratio is 160:60 as compared to Testosterone. To be noted, Desoxy is by no degree a pure anabolic as anecdotal information in cases of off-label use cite androgenic traits.

A frequently perpetuated analogy compares Desoxy’s ability to potentiate lean mass to that of Boldenone - a member of the Testosterone family. As a DHT analogue, however, Desoxy is reminiscent of Drostanolone. Arguably, this hybrid personality makes Desoxy a superior compound in most off-label applications - more versatile at the least. Boldenone, while effective in promoting lean mass, is best reserved for “bulking” or endurance minded cycles due to its mild estrogenic properties and notorious appetite enhancement. More problematic of Boldenone, however, is its purported ability to incite anxiety by acting on GABA receptors. Conversely, Drostanolone has many aesthetic enhancing benefits (i.e. hardness, vascularity), but its inability to promote lean mass limits its use to “cutting” or modified HRT protocols. By retaining the anabolic qualities of Boldenone and the DHT-like characteristics of Drostanolone, Desoxy is exceptional in promoting overall positive body composition.

Given proper stimuli and dietary resources to support stress factors, researchers should anticipate subjects to display enhanced rates of protein synthesis and lean mass hypertrophy. Researchers will also want to note an interesting finding from the 1964 efforts of Czechoslovak Academy of Science. Studies on this compound reported that while unesterified nandrolone, boldenone, and testosterone have little effect when injected, Desoxy remained effective. Such a unique characteristic further supports the need to study this underutilized compound. Researchers can source high-quality, research grade Desoxytestoserone from Zero Flux ( for the study of its potential therapeutic, medicinal, and life-enhancing applications.

Available as:
Desoxy-Acetate: Oil based carrier with a 100mg/ml active compound concentration of Desoxytestosterone with an Acetate ester attachment.

Extrapolated application: 225-525mg per week. Dose dependent upon individual tolerances and concurrently used compounds. High risk of virilization. Not recommended for female use.

Pheradrone: Transdermal based carrier with a 100mg/ml active compound concentration of Dien-diol (no ester). Supplied in 30ml research grade glass bottle.

Extrapolated application: 50-150mg per day. Dose dependent upon individual tolerances and concurrently used compounds. High risk of virilization. Not recommended for female use.