Written by: ZOO the Blood Lord

Manufactured by:
Zero Flux

Endearingly coined “Diet Dr. Tren” for the sake of humor and online colloquialism, Dienolone is derived from the Nandrolone class of anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS). As the term implies, Dienolone (A/A 100:10) displays characteristics reminiscent of Trenbolone (A/A 500:500); albeit to a more mild extent than the forum favorite. Despite a deceptive difference in potency on paper, improvements to body composition and strength are typical of Dienolone inclusive protocols. As a standalone, Dienolone lacks the hypertrophy capabilities of compounds such as Testosterone, Oxymetholone, and Methandrostenolone. However, its concurrent use with an androgen greatly potentiates the development of lean mass. In that regard, Dienolone fulfills a valuable supporting role to size-oriented compounds, but should not be considered a secondary steroid by any measure. The true value of Dienolone is that its addition is multiplicative as opposed to additive.

Despite similarities drawn between Dienolone and Trenbolone, anecdotal feedback indicates the former being far more tolerable in comparison - lacking reported side-effects: insomnia, irritability, aggression, night sweats, “tren cough,” etc. Such impractical properties are suspected to be mediated by the 11-ene component of Trenbolone's structure, which is absent in Dienolone's construct. Also notable is that the two display a strong disparity in anabolic-androgenic ratios with Dienolone favoring a greater anabolic trait. This difference is likely a direct contributor to aforementioned side-effects. Mild it is not, but as a less-harsh alternative to its chemical cousin, Dienolone offers comparable performance and aesthetic benefits without the discomfort.

Dienolone has made a continuum of appearances on the supplement market in the form of active, methylated, and precursor variants. Its success as an over-the-counter "muscle builder' can be partly attributed to Dienolone derivatives being misrepresented as Trenbolone analogues. This marketing misnomer coupled with the steroid's innate effectiveness ensured the success of Dienolone and its pro-hormone counterparts. It was not until the derivatives were largely removed from market as controlled substances, however, that Dienolone itself saw greater utilization; "Pro-Tren" supplements held initial preference as a result of being viable in oral applications. Curiously, the unmodified Dienolone structure remained absent from any explicit listing on the "banned list." This presented a unique opportunity to preserve its availability to those keen on performance enhancement.  

Lacking any methyl attachment or modification, Dienolone's base structure is unable to undergo oral administration without significant degradation. Ever diligent, the supplement market spawned an influx of products utilizing transdermal carriers as a means of bypassing hepatic breakdown. Despite the effectiveness of these transdermal delivery systems, the implementation of DASCA encouraged many companies to simply abandon the pro-hormone category altogether. Undaunted by the concerns of supplement purveyors, the now flourishing research chemical industry has begun prioritizing oil based applications for their various designer products. Although strictly for research use only, these potent solutions have become a godsend for those seeking an accessible means to their off-label “studies.”


Available as:
Dienolone Enanthate: Oil based carrier with a 200mg/ml active compound concentration of Dienolone with an Enanthate ester attachment.

Extrapolated application: 200-600mg per week. Dose dependent upon individual tolerances and concurrently used compounds. High risk of virilization. Not recommended for female use.

Having had a direct role in its development out of personal desire for a long-ester variant, Dienolone Enanthate is a focal point of recent interest in the research chemical market. Zero Flux (zero-flux.com) is the exclusive provider of Dienolone Enanthate and is available to independent researchers for purchase. Each unit consists of a sterile vial containing 10ml of the proprietary Myo-Solv carrier with an active ingredient concentration of 200mg per milliliter.

DIENDERTHAL: Transdermal based carrier with a 100mg/ml active compound concentration of Dien-diol (no ester). Supplied in 30ml research grade glass bottle.

Extrapolated application: 50-150mg per day. Dose dependent upon individual tolerances and concurrently used compounds. High risk of virilization. Not recommended for female use.

Although a one-step precursor, Dien-diol exhibits identical effects to Dienolone in anecdotal findings. DIENDERTHAL’s topical application offers independent researchers a user-friendly alternative to more invasive oil-based carriers. The precision mixture that comprises Derma-Zorb enables Dien-diol to achieve significantly higher bioavailability and overall effectiveness. Each 30ml bottle provides a generous Dien-diol concentration of 100mg per 1ml.