Epi-Tren & 4-Andro Stack (IronMag Labs)

Product Review (Sponsored): IronMagLabs Epi-Tren/4-Andro
Completed: 27 October 2013

It's no secret I like epistane so I was excited for this logging opportunity and it did not disappoint. I made some quality strength, size, and weight gains when I was taking in a calorie surplus. Epi-Tren kicked in a little bit faster than when I ran Epi-10. It's a solid product no doubt, but I would much prefer if IML increased the amount of trendione to 20mg for every 10mg of epistane. I feel that this would improve the effectiveness of the stack and make up for the $55 cost, which is a little steep for epistane and trendione; however, the convenience factor is noted. While the 1:1 ratio isn't ideal in my opinion, it is noticeably better than epistane alone. Now on to the 4-Andro.

This is the first time I have tried this type of product and I have to say I rather enjoyed it. The effect is subtle but it made Epi-Tren much more enjoyable. No real jump in strength but my endurance and cardio was up while on it (i.e. when I went hiking). It kept my rapidly dropping libido in check and everything working but I was far from being sexually aggressive.

It is my recommendation that IML increase the amount of trendione in Epi-Tren. The price of the product is a little bit higher than I'd like, but IML is a trusted and established company so you are paying for a quality brand product and the results were great with it so I am very pleased. 4-Andro is nice stacker for just about any cycle and will complement most any oral steroid. Again, I think it could be dosed a tad higher. I have to take into consideration that I have a varied experience with many steroids at high doses and the dosing in these products will be more profound in other or newer users.