Focus (AndroFactory)

Product Review: Focus by Andro Factory
Completed: 23 August 2013

Overall I was pleased with the product. It's not the type of PH/DS supplement that will give you gains or drastic results. It is definitely a stacker... and an excellent one at that. While Focus didn't provide a very pronounced effect, it's benefit was apparent nonetheless and complimented my use of Anadrol.
I would recommend this product hands down but I'm afraid that the hefty price tag may turn people away. If I could make a recommendation to AndroFactory it would be to include more caps so I can run it at 3-4 a day for a solid 4 weeks. If you are looking for a mild PH to give you a little mental boost in the gym, need a good stacker, and have a little extra change to spare then by all means please purchase this product.