Fully Loaded (LGI)

Product Review (Sponsored): LGI Fully Loaded
Completed: 23 May 2014

Fully Loaded's greatest appeal lies in it's fully disclosed - and fully loaded (pun necessary) - ingredient profile. There isn't another product on the market that contains the same quantity of quality ingredients, which are properly dosed. All of this combines for a preworkout powder that will give the endurance, pumps, and energy to hit it hard in the gym. Of course, this is in addition to a proper diet and training regiment. After all, this is a supplement, not a substitute, for an athletically inclined lifestyle.
Adding to the draw is the impeccable price point. At a price tag of $30, one would be hard pressed to find another product of this caliber. However, I feel that many potential users will knock Fully Loaded because it doesn't possess a hard-hitting stimulant effect. They'd be remiss in that regard because Fully Loaded focuses on providing ingredients that promote muscle recovery and growth rather than just getting the consumer completely wired. Great ingredients, great price, and great taste all from a great company add up to a fantastic product that is highly recommended for both the casual and the veteran gym-goer.
Note: LGI would later produce a heavy-stimulant version containing Amp Citrate.