Industrial Complex

Catalyzed by the zealous influence of The Blood Lord, Bloodline structured a subsidiary syndicate shortly after their reemergence. Formed under the banner of Bloodline Industries, the faction acted to secure the provisions and capital needed to sustain the cult's tumorous expansion.

Harnessing the untapped potential of Black Alchemy, Bloodline Industries introduced a series augmenting elixirs and healing tonics to Archaos' underground market. The potency of these potions resulted in their high demand soon thereafter. New Founding's research division holds a particular interest in these craftings and have begun several attempts to develop their own chemical counterparts.

Operating within the shadows of society, these dealers of dark sacraments prompted Bloodline into a position of relative prominence and power. Their manufacturing is an integral, if not mandatory, component of the efforts to dismantle the New Founding autocracy.