Origins of Bloodline

"An esoteric death cult with origins dating back to the ancient, indigenous tribes of Southern Archaos. Members of the Bloodline must undergo an archaic method of transfusion in which the cultist is drained of their life force. As blood is expelled from the body, the acting priest, or priestess, imbues the member with the synthetic essence of their deity. The process grants enhanced mental and physical fortitude at the cost of losing one's sense of self to the collective."

The religious text denoting the source of this artificial life force has long since been erased. Scorched from existence as a means to stifle the growing influence of the elder Bloodline clans across Archaos. Centuries following this purging, scathed remnants from the Book of Black Alchemy were sought out and deciphered. Harnessing the power of these forgotten arts, The Blood Lord resurrected surviving sects of the cult under his own interpretation.

Bloodline's present day incarnation sparsely resembles that of their periled predecessors. Despite these apparent differences, the theology and beliefs that drive Bloodline efforts remain untouched; the approach by which these efforts are carried out is at the discretion of The Blood Lord. 

Blood. Body. Mind. These form the trifecta of Bloodline idealogy.