The Blood Lord (Relic)

Sharing the namesake of the hybrid-entity that wields it, The Blood Lord is an ancient relic of formidable power. Forged through unknown means and imbued with the chaotic essence of those it has slain, the demonic weapon is believed to gift the individual who it possesses with unfathomable potential. The mind of the host-bearer, however, is gradually consumed by the parasitic memories of those who's blood was taken by the nefarious blade; their souls forever retained within its accursed hilt.

Truly, The Blood Lord is an omnipotent force marked by inevitable self-destruction and insurmountable suffering. The psychological uncoupling that stems from such power and pain is physically manifested upon the host-bearer. Progressively, the body develops a warped musculature that is adorned with runic scars to commemorate each of the fallen.