The Butcher (Host-Bearer)

A fiendish spirit manifested in the body of a butcher. What was once a man has become corrupted by thoughts of chaos and bloodlust. It's desire to kill is matched only by its hunger to instill fear in the moments before death. Little is known of the host-bearer's previous life, but in its current state it serves an antagonistic role against The Blood Lord. The Butcher, much like its rival, is gifted with tremendous abilities from the demonic entity that possesses him. Although similar in many respects, the otherworldly effects exhibited are unique to the relic wielded - an accursed cleaver. 

In truth, this creature exhibits far greater strength  than even The Blood Lord. The Butcher's folly is in its lack of any apparent sentience. Strictly subjugated to the will of the chaotic force inhabiting his consciousness, the barbaric being slays without thought or remorse. It is this raw, untamed energy that has allowed The Blood Lord to thwart The Butcher's attempts to forcefully inherit control over Bloodline. Without any direction over its actions it cannot orchestrate an effective means to assume power.   The Butcher, however, remains a significant threat to Bloodline, as well as New Founding, despite this shortcoming.

Although incredibly limited in size, The Butcher has assimilated a devoted following of the most desperate, depraved, and dangerous individuals; the minds of whom have been infiltrated and enslaved through fear and promises of grandeur. The nomadic warband indiscriminately razes settlements and slaughters the inhabitants. Each life taken feeds The Butcher's appetite for despair. The greater the pain inflicted upon the victim, the more nourishment it receives. Seemingly unstoppable, The Butcher continues its crusade of carnage as its hunger for death ravages exponentially...