Trestolone Acetate (Pure Oils)

Product Review: Trestolone Acetate by Pure Oils
Completed: 16 June 2014
Most individuals who indulge in performance enhancing drugs are familiar with Trestolone (aka methylnortestosterone, MENT) as an anabolic-androgenic steroid currently undergoing pharmacological review as a potential substitute for testosterone in hormone replacement therapy and male contraception. Despite the intrigue and impressive figures Trestolone presents on paper, this is a compound with little anecdotal backing and modest clinical research. This particular steroid is a derivative of nandrolone and has yet to be listed as a scheduled drug by the government. As is the usual case, non-scheduled AAS find themselves appearing on the supplement scene. While an oral prohormone of Trestolone (Mentabolan) came into existence with moderate success, it wasn't until the target hormone itself became available that Trestolone gained the proper attention it deserved. Initially, Trestolone became available in pill and powder form. However, Pure Oils has placed Trestolone in a sterile oil-based solution for research and testing purposes (Disclaimer: Not to be injected, ingested, or otherwise consumed). Coming into this cycle I was full of excitement, but maintained modest expectations due to the lack of available information. My personal daily protocol consisted of 75mg (525mg/week) of the hormone.

As one might expect from the short acting acetate ester, the effects of Trestolone Acetate become noticeable within a matter of days. Discussion on forums and online boards attempt to draw similarities and differences to the black market steroid known as Trenbolone. Admittedly, there are some comparable characteristics between the two, but in my experiences I find Trestolone a near equivalent to a stack of Testosterone/Boldenone/Nandrolone. For the purpose of this review, I will relate Trestolone to Trenbolone for both reader satisfaction and ease of comparison.

- Dramatic stimulation of appetite: The sheer quantity of food that becomes consumable while running Trestolone allows for rapid and quality size gains. After going from 75mg/day to 25mg/day there was a sharp drop off in my desire to eat. Trenbolone does not share this quality.

- Large increase in gym stamina/endurance: I found myself wanting and able to perform high volume weight training for 90 minute intervals followed by 30 minute cardio sessions. This is in direct contrast to Trenbolone, which reduces cardiovascular ability and endurance.

- Boosts strength: There is a noticeable increase in strength, but it is not near the same level as Trenbolone in this regard.

- Rapid size/weight gains: This is largely in part due to the first two characteristics; however, the highly anabolic nature of Trestolone is also a primary contributing factor. I quickly went from approximately 227 lbs to 250 lbs over the course of a month or so. This is another area where Trestolone perseveres over Trenbolone.

- Decent lipolytic effect: Much discussion surrounded the fat burning properties of Trestolone. It did a fair job of minimizing fat gain despite the rapid onset of weight and size. There is, however, a definite smoothing out of the physique even if actual fat stores are not increased; this is particularly true of the abdominal region. Unfortunately, Trenbolone far exceeds Trestolone in this category - at least in terms of visible appearance. Interestingly, both have a similar effect on increasing perspiration.

- Sex drive stimulation: This was apparent despite a decrease in my testosterone regiment. Of course, ancillaries typically dictate the level to which a hormone can affect ones sexual desire. Using exemestane and tamoxifen, Trestolone had a definite impact in this area. In terms of raw sex drive, Trenbolone certainly prevails as many users report turning into something of a sexual fiend. On the other hand, Trestolone increases sex drive with greater ease and with less instances of complications (ejaculatory delays, impotence, or decreased desire) than Trenbolone. As a result, I give both equal ratings.

A common trend is to categorize steroids into cutting and bulking compounds. Due to the aforementioned characteristics and the estrogenic component it possesses, Trestolone is best used by those seeking mass acquisition. However, the lipolytic effect can make its use viable in the early stages of contest preparation.

Currently, the price point set by Pure Oils makes Trestolone relatively cost competitive with underground lab injectables. Perhaps less dramatic than Trenbolone, Trestolone is both comfortable to run and highly effective in its ability to promote athletic performance and muscle mass. Used by itself or in a stack, Trestolone Acetate by Pure Oils is an excellent choice.

Note: Pure Oils has made a longer acting decanoate ester of Trestolone available.