YK-11 (Premier Research Essentials)

Product Review: YK-11 by Premier Research Essentials

Completed: 15 August 2017

*Premier Research Essentials products are not for human consumption!

I have done a run of PRE YK-11 once prior with promising results using a 40mg dose (20mg twice daily) but ran out rather quickly. PRE provided me with some custom bottles of YK with double dosing for further testing this second time around and it did not disappoint in the slightest. The higher dosed mixtures allows for a solid 4 week run at 40mg, but for comparison I dropped the dose to 20mg about 3 weeks into the run since I am on an abundant of other anabolic compounds. There was a significant difference in how pronounced the effects are between 20mg and 40mg. At 40mg I walked around with a near constant tight/full feeling... skin splitting even. Felt like a steel shithouse if you will. Strength, recovery, and lean tissue growth was definitely enhanced. The 20mg dose essentially provides the same effects but to a more mild degree. I'm nearing my last little bit and am quite sad about it. The research chemical market is hit and miss to say the least so I tip my trademark flat-bill hat to PRE for supplying quality testing material. 

Cliffs: I am a big fan of this compound. Although it can be pricey when compared to less expensive prohormones/designers, I feel it is worth trying. It has my interest and I hope to try out other SARMs in similar capacities. The potential in this realm is looking more promising.

ZOO Approved!!!

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