Geozine (DMZ)

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is a powerful designer sports supplement. "Natural" athletes, or those not familiar with this category of supplementation, should not use this product without prior research and adequate knowledge on the subject matter.


"Earth shattering strength, boulder sized muscles, and rock hard definition will be bestowed upon all who harness Geozine. The ancient Earth Element was once forbidden and sealed away. Now relieved of its constraints, Geozine is once again free to unleash its power with incredible magnitude."


A product of medicinal origin, Geozine is one of the most effective mass building products presently available. Its ability to promote nitrogen retention and enhanced recovery has garnered reverence from both new and practiced athletes alike. The curious construct of Geozine utilizes "azine" bonding technology to conjoin two, separate SD molecules into a single structure. Naturally, a compound of this foundation can be expected to induce dramatic increases in strength and lean muscle tissue.

Once ingested, the digestive processes of the body break the "azine" bond, which separates the SD molecules into a free-state. On paper, Geozine should behave in the same manner as SD, but in real-world application it displays characteristics unique to its parent compound. This seemingly futuristic creation was, in fact, researched for medical use in the latter part of the 1960's. While its doctoral program was short lived, Geozine saw a revival within the bodybuilding demographic for its tremendous performance benefits.

Geozine's favorable anabolic-androgenic ratio and receptor binding affinity all but ensures significant physical development. Additionally, as a DHT derivative, it is incapable of aromatizing, which prevents the onset of estrogen related side effects. Assuming proper nutrition and training, mass acquired during a Geozine cycle will be lean and devoid of excess water retention and fat; proper health supplementation (TUDCA, Fish Oil, etc.) and hydration should be maintained throughout its use due to being 17a-alkylated.