Hydrobol (LMG)

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Hydrobol is a powerful designer sports supplement. "Natural" athletes, or those not familiar with this category of supplementation, should not use this product without prior research and adequate knowledge on the subject matter.


"The tides have changed with the newly uncovered Water Element. Hydrobol floods oceanic power into the body to drench users with a monsoon of mass and strength."


As a progestin based structure, Hydrobol is best categorized as a "wet" bulking compound. Its ability to impart the rapid uptake of intracellular water and glycogen can be credited with facilitating a dramatic increase in overall body mass. A cycle incorporating Hydrobol can be expected to display a moderate-high degree of strength and weight acquisition within a relatively limited time frame.

The active component's progestin nature lends Hydrobol its many physical and performance enhancing properties. However, it is important to note that it is this characteristic that poses the possibility of aggravating estrogenic side-effects despite an inability to aromatize. This should not dissuade its use as the potential for such can be easily mitigated with basic ancillary measures. The tremendous benefit Hydrobol affords to a cycle is well worth taking on the added precaution.  

Hydrobol's use of an ethyl attachment, as opposed to being 17aa methylated, affords an effective bioavailability and conversion rate while significantly reducing hepatic stress. When used in appropriate dose and cycle ranges, it should carry little potential for apparent toxicity in healthy individuals. This "low impact" aspect has made Hydrobol a favorite to stack alongside stronger, methylated orals, such as Pyrosten or Geozine.