Pyrosten (MSTEN)

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Pyrosten is a powerful designer sports supplement. "Natural" athletes, or those not familiar with this category of supplementation, should not use this product without prior research and adequate knowledge on the subject matter.


"Embody the flame-laden spirit of Pyrosten and torch physical limitations. The Fire Element is revered for eliciting enhanced strength and recovery with rapid fire progress."


Pyrosten is best described as the structural offspring of designer titans SD and Phera. As such, this compound possesses superior pharmacokinetic properties as compared to many of its predecessors; it is expected, as well as proven, to heighten performance capacity, recovery rate, and strength. Interestingly, despite the apparent structural similarities, Pyrosten does not display the same "explosive" prowess as the aforementioned juggernauts.

Nonetheless, Pyrosten is not to be underestimated in any capacity as its effects are substantial with significant improvements to physical development. This power tradeoff does, however, come with the benefit of being less harsh on health markers. Anecdotal findings often show users reporting it to be far more tolerable to use than either SD or Phera, which have become equally renowned for their toxicity. Despite having a reduced potential for side-effects, a cycle of Pyrosten should be accompanied by proper nutrition, health supplementation (TUDCA, Fish Oil, etc.), and hydration due to being methylated.

As a DHT derivative, Pyrosten is, of course, incapable of aromatizing. This "dry" quality and impressive receptor binding affinity makes Pyrosten favorable in both "bulking" and "cutting" applications. It is exceptionally effective in achieving the former when stacked alongside mass monger Hydrobol. These innate characteristics coupled with an ability to facilitate enhanced nutrient utilization and blood nitrogen levels has made Pyrosten the preeminent mass builder on the market.